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Instead of my mother telling me, 'It's ok,' or 'Things happen,' she yelled at me and told me that I would have to pay to fix the car out of my own pocket.My mom made the situation even worse - all I needed right then and there was someone to calm me down and be loving towards me.

By being that kind of parent you will often hear a daughter end up saying, 'My mom is my best friend." Suzanne Bonfiglio Baumann offers an interesting perspective about why moms might struggle with that mom/friend boundary.

Image Source and explanation: A woman who stands in front of an unauthorized abortion clinic appears to be at a loss.

Hanging on a wall outside the clinic, a signboard reads, “This clinic is unauthorized, so we will not take responsibility for any errors or complications that may arise.” Behind her, a placard announces the crackdown on abortion, while a banner on the wall of an authorized hospital reads, “Fees for abortions will increase to 3 million Won (,634 USD).” Behind her, a newborn child is abandoned in front of a house.

They want you to love them unconditionally, listen to anything they want to discuss - much like a best friend - but still be unequivocally their mother above all else.

Even the girls who call their mom their best friend (like me!

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